2017 September

4 Daily Teeth Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making So, you think you take perfectly good care of your teeth? If you can make it through this list without feeling guilty and brush and floss regularly, consider your oral health [...]

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2017 August

How to Floss Flawlessly When it comes to flossing, most people think they have a pretty good grasp on the morning or before bed task. But are you really flossing flawlessly? In order to floss flawlessly and keep your gums [...]

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2017 July

How to Make Flossing Fun for Kids While cool cartoon character toothbrushes and sparkly toothpastes can help get kids to brush their teeth, flossing can sometimes be a battle. Here are some ways to encourage your children to floss each [...]

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2017 June

A Surprising Superfood for Your Smile Delicious and decadent, dark chocolate is not only considered to be an antioxidant-rich superfood, but it also may have some cavity-fighting properties. While most sweet treats can be tough on the teeth, particularly hard [...]

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2017 May

Hacks to Save Your Oral Health Looking for simple ways to remember how to keep your mouth healthy? Look no further. 1. Fix the problem while it’s small. Don’t ignore a painful tooth or swollen gums for too long—the sooner [...]

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