Cockburn Family Wellness Dental Care

On the Path Toward Optimal Oral Health

At Allied Dental Centre – Cockburn, we are committed to ensuring that you don’t just get well, but stay well.

We want to empower you to invest in your long-term family wellness dental care and that always requires commitment, not just from us, but also from you.

To ensure optimal oral health results, we recommend that patients re-visit us every six months.

Routine Care at Allied Dental Centre – Cockburn

During your routine visit, you can expect your dentist to perform a full dental check-up and exam. Your comprehensive dental check-up will involve the dentist making a thorough analysis of each individual tooth, cleaning your teeth, and checking for any cavities or sensitivity issues that might be present.

The duration of our routine visits is typically about 30 minutes per patient.

Cockburn Dentists Are Committed to You

As part of our after-care programme, each patient will receive a free hygiene pack to help contribute to his or her at-home hygiene routine.

Following a time period of 24 hours after your appointment, you will receive a follow-up call from us so we can ensure that you were happy with every aspect of our dental services.

Call today and allow us to answer any questions about what advanced dental care at Allied Dental Centre – Cockburn can offer you.

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