Get a Brighter Smile!

Fast, Convenient Teeth Whitening in Cockburn, Port Coogee and Ocean Keys

{PJ} Teeth WhiteningWe understand that stained or dull teeth can diminish your confidence. If you want to trade a lacklustre smile for a gleaming, radiant set of pearly whites, we’ll help you get the look you desire!

At all three of our clinics in Port Coogee, Cockburn and Ocean Keys, we offer take-home kits. Unlike some quick whitening options, our home kits option uses a gentler concentration of the active ingredient used to whiten the teeth which leads to longer lasting results.

Whiter teeth can be achieved in 10 days without pain or discomfort. This option is more sustainable, so your teeth stay whiter for longer. For convenient at-home teeth whitening, we exclusively offer our patients Pola Teeth Whitening kits by SDI.

Are you ready to achieve that brighter smile? Contact us today for a free consultation at Ocean Keys to confirm that you are a good candidate! Your free consultation will be with Dr Jonathan Ng.

Ensuring You’re a Good Candidate for Whitening

Before we proceed, we will perform a thorough consultation to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Your teeth will need to be free of decay as whitening products can further damage decayed teeth. That’s why it’s critical to consult with a dentist about your teeth whitening needs.

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