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6 things to know before getting porcelain veneers

Having a beautiful smile is a sure fire way to boost your confidence, and believe in your own self worth. Therefore it’s no surprise the popularity of veneers is only increasing, with their amazing ability to fix cosmetic dental issues and transform your face with a beaming bright smile.

If you’re considering getting quality porcelain veneers Port Coogee it’s important to learn all the key details, and determine whether their the right solution for your chipped tooth or discoloured set of teeth. 

Read on to learn key facts about porcelain veneers, and whether they’re the right choice to transform your smile into one that gives a gorgeous first impression! 

1. Porcelain is naturally stain resistant

Choosing quality porcelain veneers over resin alternatives is absolutely the best option. Porcelain is naturally stain resistant, and while you still need to carry out regular oral care, discolouration is less likely over time. 

2. You keep your natural teeth

Some people have concerns about how invasive getting veneers Port Coogee can be. Fear not, as opposed to implants, which require tooth removal to make way for a new tooth root to be implanted, veneers sit on top of your natural teeth. While each tooth will have to be filed down to make room for the stunning veneers, their thin design ensures no bulging occurs. 

Consult with your experienced cosmetic dentist about whether veneers are right for you, as those with ongoing infections or tooth decay may not have suitably strong natural teeth for veneer application. 

3. Choose a natural colour

One of the main reasons people opt for quality veneers Port Coogee is to get an even, super white look to replace their yellow or stained teeth. However, while you will likely want a brighter look than before, it’s recommended to choose a soft white tone as opposed to a glaringly white opaque colour. 

4. Veneers can chip or crack

Bear in mind that veneers are similar to natural teeth, and can absolutely crack or chip under pressure. Use the same caution you would have before when eating or playing sport, and those suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding) should resolve the issue before getting veneers.


5. They’re are not removable

Beautiful porcelain veneers Port Coogee are fixed in place, and can be removed only by an experienced dentist. This enables them to last for an amazing amount of time – typically 15 to 20 years – but it’s important to consider this aspect before opting for veneers.

6. Veneers can fix many issues

You may not be aware how veneers have the ability to solve your specific cosmetic dental issue. Not just for covering up yellow or discoloured teeth, veneers are a great solution for worn or chipped teeth, gaps, and misaligned or misshapen teeth. 

Superior porcelain veneers Port Coogee

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