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7 Common Signs You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy has a bad rep, but the reality is it treats painful symptoms, rather than cause them. An infected root canal requires urgent care before the problem is exacerbated further, as infected dental pulp inside a tooth spreads quickly, threatening the tooth itself.

The sooner you seek care from an experienced dental practitioner, the less likely root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth – here are key symptoms to look out for.

1. Serious pain

As you might expect, significant pain on a specific tooth can mean you need to book a root canal treatment, Port Coogee with Allied Dental. The pain can present itself with chewing, or when pressure is applied to the tooth in question.

2. Chipped or cracked teeth

Should you spot a hole, crack or chip in a tooth, it’s recommended to book a dental check-up to investigate further. Damaged teeth can expose nerves inside the tooth, leaving it susceptible to infection that left untreated will require a root canal procedure to prevent serious further harm.

3. Tender gums

While not all tender or swollen gums mean a root canal will be needed, it can be a tell tale sign of something more serious. Swollen gums typically indicate a deeper problem, particularly when surrounding an already irritated or sensitive tooth. Seek dental care should you have painful or raised gums, to see whether root canal therapy is required.

4. Swelling around your neck

If you notice existing tenderness in your gums spreading outwards, causing additional swelling around your face and / or neck, it’s important to immediately seek advice from one of the trained dental professionals at Allied Dental. Facial swelling can signify a serious underlying infection, usually requiring root canal treatment in Port Coogee.

5. Gum abscesses

Regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing additional symptoms, a lesion or abscess on the gums should always prompt a dentist’s visit. An infected gum such as this can easily spread pain and further harm to other areas of the mouth, and once developed further its likely to be healed from any other method apart from root canal treatment.

6. Extreme sensitivity

While many of us experience light sensitivity with hot or cold drinks, seriously sensitive teeth can cause extreme pain when left untreated. Typically starting as a dull ache in one or more teeth, sensitivity can progress into a sharp pain that’s highly uncomfortable. Caused by exposed nerve endings and damaged blood vessels, the problem will only worsen when left untreated.

7. Tooth discolouration

There are multiple causes of tooth discolouration, from drinking too much coffee and red wine, to poor oral hygiene. In some cases, serious darkening of a tooth is a result of blood vessel and nerve damage under the surface of the tooth. This is a sign root canal treatment Port Coogee may be required, so it’s important to visit an experienced dentist to determine the cause of the discolouration.

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