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We believe that the future of your long-term oral health lies in providing you with superior preventative care. When a patient comes to see us at our Cockburn dental clinic, we don’t just want to fix their particular problem. We strive to understand the root cause of their concern, in order to prevent it from recurring in the future. When you can relax knowing that your dental concerns are resolved, you can smile knowing that you are now on the road to great dental health. For our patients who are considering optional treatments including teeth whitening, we will take the time to identify your goals and work with you to achieve them.


With advances in technology in dental care, we strive to ensure that you are provided with the very best and latest in technology. This helps us reduce discomfort and improve the techniques we can apply to help you retain your natural smile. Technology like the Wand which is the closest to pain free for most patients is an example of what we use to help our patients.


Whilst the focus is on using the very best in technology and materials, we do recognise the need to ensure our patients are comfortable during their visit to our Cockburn clinic. From our comfy couch to the TV screens providing a vast array of entertainment makes your trip feel relaxed and relatively quick. You can expect the opportunity to relax and feel safe knowing you are in good hands.


With our extensive booking availability, you can book online 24/7 with the time that suits you best. If cost is a concern, our on the spot payment plans and finance options can ensure your dental treatment is undertaken quickly and without an unexpected up-front cost allowing you to enjoy the feeling of problem free teeth immediately (treatment dependant).

We’re the Leading Dentists in Cockburn Offering Superior Family Care 7 Days a Week in an Integrated Healthcare Facility

At Allied Dental, our Cockburn dentists are committed to your oral health and to ensuring that you receive an efficient and affordable service. We’re the only practice in the Cockburn Central area that provides patients with dental care every day of the week – that’s right, we are open 7 days a week. So, if you have an unwanted dental emergency, you can rest easy knowing we are here for you.

Highest Level of Care for Our Cockburn Patients

We take pride in providing the highest level of patient care, regardless of whether you attend our Cockburn clinic for teeth whitening, general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry services. Our vision is to ensure that every resident in Cockburn has the best teeth and oral health, and we are hoping that you will hear about us in time through your family and friends.

When you visit our Cockburn dental clinic, you are in fact becoming a member of our family, and our dentists will treat you the same way they would treat their family and friends. They will give you honest advice that will ensure your future visits to us are minimised and they will not over treat!

Receive Expert Care at Allied Dental

We are blessed in having our Australian trained dentists guided by a panel of Australian registered dental specialists. We believe we are the only dental practice to have this in place and that can only mean one thing, we’re able to provide the Best Dental Care. You get to take advantage of this, and you can be assured that no cowboy dentistry would ever be practiced on you.

Each of our dentists receive advanced coaching and mentoring by a team of off-site registered dental specialists, including an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, paedodontist and endodontist.

We only use materials of the highest standard that are TGA approved and our laboratory work is done by local laboratory technicians (not sent overseas!).

Integrated Care for All Your Medical Needs Conveniently at Our Cockburn Location!

We are also unique in our integrated allied model where we are just one of the many health service providers located within the new, state-of-the-art Cockburn Community and Health Facility. This isn’t a corporate medical and/or dental facility, the providers that we are integrated with are professionals that take your health care seriously. Why settle for second best when it comes to your health?

As well as providing you with superior family wellness dental care, this convenient Cockburn location caters to all of your medical and community related needs in one place. The following are just some of the services offered at this innovative, one-of-a-kind facility:

The other benefits of being in this facility is the abundant parking – no more going around in circles looking for parking just to visit the dentist (or other health providers!)

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Located near the Cockburn Gateways Shopping Centre, Allied Dental is the convenient and caring dentist you’ve been looking for. Our wide range of dental services including teeth whitening and preventive dentistry ensures we can provide expert treatment to every patient. Call Allied Dental Centre – Cockburn today to discover professional and affordable family dental care at a dental clinic you can trust.