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Do Invisalign-style braces work for teenagers?

Teenagers and braces may be an iconic duo, but there’s a more appealing option than metal train tracks. Clear Invisalign aligners were a pipe dream for young people until recently, but now it’s possible to straighten and realign teenage teeth in a truly subtle way.

The journey to building a beautiful smile is best started during the teenage years, as orthodontics is an easier process when the palate and jaw are still developing. Help your child find the best treatment for their needs, and learn why Invisalign in Innaloo could be the perfect orthodontist treatment for teens. 

What is Invisalign in Ocean Keys?

Invisalign is an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces, where clear plastic aligners are regularly upgraded to gradually shift teeth into place. This almost-invisible design gives users the confidence to smile big, while robust trays gently correct alignment issues without the need for food or lifestyle restrictions. 

The power of Invisalign in Innaloo is the fully custom-made retainer style aligners, which follow a carefully tailored treatment plan to deliver the best results for the individual needs of each patient. 

Can teenagers use Invisalign?

Customised Invisalign in Cockburn is a great option for teenagers as the discreet clear aligner doesn’t impact their typically busy and active lives.

Teenagers requiring orthodontics appreciate the many advantages of Invisalign in Port Coogee, as the treatment is often a quick and accessible process with minimal maintenance required. 

While teens would likely choose the benefits of Invisalign over classic metal braces, only an expert orthodontic consultation can determine their suitability for the treatment depending on their unique needs. 

The benefits of Invisalign in Port Coogee for teens

The sooner you begin treatment to straighten and realign your teeth the better, making the teenage years the best time to design a beautiful beaming smile. Invisalign in Ocean Keys can work well on younger people thanks to their softer bone density, often resulting in a shorter treatment time than adults. 

Other advantages of Invisalign for teenagers include:


We all care about appearance to some extent, but self-conscious teenagers in particular can benefit from the confidence boost of clear discrete aligners over metal train track braces. 


Each custom-made Invisalign tray fits perfectly around the patient’s teeth with minimal movement and no risk of scrapes or cuts, unlike metal braces. While moving teeth will cause some discomfort, overall pain and irritation are wholly minimised. 

Easy upkeep

Simply removing the aligners and brushing and flossing your teeth as normal is all that’s required, as well as gently cleaning the trays daily. Awkward train track braces require more challenging maintenance.

No food restrictions

As Invisalign trays are removed before eating there are no limitations on diet or eating habits. 

Fewer dentist visits

Young people today lead busy lives, and having Invisalign trays sent directly to you regularly is a great time-saver.

Visit experienced specialists for Invisalign in Innaloo

Allied Dental provides a caring and customised Invisalign experience for each valued patient. Between innovative technology, app-based communications, and an empathetic team of experienced dental practitioners, your teenager will feel comfortable and taken care of during the entire process for Invisalign in Cockburn.
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