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How Allied Dental Prevents Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist isn’t going to be high on most people’s to-do lists, but this stress can be a serious issue for many people. Dental fear ranges from stressful dental anxiety, to an incapacitating dental phobia.

There are different triggers and reactions with dental anxiety, but if any one of them is making you avoid a dentist visit, it’s important to look into solutions. Allied Dental have fitted their Ocean Keys clinic to provide multiple ways to help reduce stress – prioritising your oral health while making you feel comfortable is our number one focus.

Symptoms of dental anxiety

Understanding the signs and causes of dental anxiety helps determine a solution that works for you. Typical symptoms include rapid heartbeat, sweating, fainting, crying, anxiety or panic attacks, withdrawing or increased aggression, and regularly missing dentist visits.

By recognizing a pattern of any of the above behaviour, you can start to mend it – ignoring the situation only threatens your oral health. Should you have any nerves before visiting your reliable Ocean Keys dentist, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Dental to discuss the ways we can help reduce anxiety, including sedation dentistry.

Reducing stress during dentist visits

From a fear of needles or pain, to anxiety around losing control or the side effects of anaesthesia, there are a number of causes of dental stress. Allied Dental offers multiple options to alleviate this anxiety during general or cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Ask our friendly team of dentists Ocean Keys to book you your appointment in a room with a TV installed on the ceiling, so you can relax while the appointment shoots by! You can also get approval to listen to podcasts or music through headphones during the procedure.


Pain care is incredibly advanced these days, with anaesthetic injections completely numbing the area within seconds. Apart from a touch of pressure, you won’t feel a thing! In cases of extreme phobias, a numbing gel can even be applied topically beforehand.

Sedation dentistry

Also known as sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry can be a fantastic solution for those with moderate to severe dental anxiety. The process involves anesthetic given through an IV drip by a qualified technician. All pain, and typically most memory, of the procedure is removed, with  only drowsiness and nausea as side effects.

Trained sedation dentistry experts are available in-house at Allied Dental, and we’re more than happy to remove anxiety through professionally administered anesthetic at our dentist Ocean Keys.

A calm environment

Allied Dental’s caring team in Ocean Keys have implemented valuable steps to make our practice a soothing, calming environment. From ensuring windows are visible to reduce a trapped feeling, to comforting colours throughout our spa style clinic, each considered step has been taken to reduce your dental anxiety.

Dedicated care from Allied Dental

Working with the understanding team at Allied Dental to implement anxiety management procedures can truly help to reduce anxiety surrounding dentists. We pride ourselves on offering friendly, understanding care, so contact our dentist Ocean Keys today to learn more about sedation dentistry, and other ways we help our valued anxious patients.