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How Invisalign Can Influence Facial Symmetry and Appearance

While most people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face, there are times when the asymmetry is more pronounced. However, having an overbite, underbite, or crossbite can be remedied by Invisalign – improving issues with jaw positioning or differing growth rates.

Facial asymmetry due to jaw misalignment or malocclusion isn’t just a cosmetic concern, it can impact your oral health and confidence. Offering clear aligners and customised treatment, Invisalign in Innaloo is a transformative solution that can boost both your oral health and confidence – read on to learn more.

Improved Appearance for Adults

While early intervention does help in some cases, adults can benefit from Invisalign in Ocean Keys to help restore facial symmetry. With the help of surgical orthodontics in severe cases, Invisalign can lift the skin around the mouth and align the teeth to enhance balanced features and a beautiful wide smile – improving even prominent asymmetry or skeletal malocclusions.

Invisalign for Overbites and Underbites

When teeth or jaws grow at different rates on the top or bottom, or there are positioning issues like underbite or overbite, this can affect facial balance. Invisalign can directly alter the length of your face, correcting the jaw and teeth can subtly impact facial features and influence the overall appearance.

Open bite

An open bite occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet, which mostly affects the front part of the mouth. This can stretch the lips, elongating the face and sometimes hindering chewing. Treatment for Invisalign in Innaloo can help close this gap and allow teeth to meet, which in turn enhances facial appearance and lessons that elongated look on the lips and cheeks.


When lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth this is known as an underbite. Typically causing the lower jaw to jut forward, Invisalign can address this issue by realigning the jaw and rectifying balance. The result is lessened prominence of the chin, and a more harmonised facial appearance. 

Jaw Irregularities

For more pronounced jaw irregularities, using Invisalign with auxiliary tools like rubber bands can dramatically realign the upper and lower jaw, making noticeable visual changes in facial symmetry. 

Bear in mind that each individual responds to Invisalign treatment differently, just as everyone’s face is unique. Some may experience dramatic facial changes while others see subtle but positive enhancements to their overall appearance. 

Restoring Facial Symmetry with Invisalign in Ocean Keys

While more serious cases of jaw asymmetry can require surgery, many adults will see a marked improvement from aligners or braces. Invisalign’s impact on facial symmetry will become clear to see after what is typically a short period of treatment, leading to a wider smile with beautifully straightened teeth.

Expert Care for Long-Lasting Results

It’s so important to visit certified orthodontists, who have a thorough understanding of dental and facial anatomy, for precise, tailored treatment. Qualified Invisalign dentists have undergone specific training, which they use along with cutting-edge technology that visualises tooth movements and how they affect your face’s balance. 

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