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How to Handle a Dental Emergency While Travelling

Suffering from a dental emergency while on holiday can be a real nightmare; you’re supposed to be enjoying time off, not dealing with a painful oral health issue! While you might like to think you’re a prepared traveller, the reality is a dental emergency can strike any of us when we least expect it.

The best way to tackle a dental issue is to understand what constitutes an emergency and how to handle it, as well as being prepared by researching an available emergency dental clinic like Allied Dental’s practices who offer same day appointments, and after hours care for serious emergencies. 

Signs you need emergency care

A dental emergency is classified as a dental issue that requires immediate attention to stop bleeding, save a tooth, or alleviate serious pain. Dental infections can also become life-threatening, requiring immediate professional attention. Symptoms of a serious oral health problem can include: 

  • Mouth, gums, or palate is injured via an impact
  • A tooth (or teeth) fall out
  • A fracture or chip occurs
  • Loose teeth
  • New or sharp pain 
  • Swelling of mouth or gums
  • Loss of a filling or crown

Should you have concerns about whether you’re exhibiting any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Dental, as our friendly team are reliable and experienced emergency dentists Port Coogee. 

Common dental emergencies

Being aware of the more common dental emergencies that can occur while travelling not only helps you carry out the correct response, but can reduce anxiety before reaching Allied Dental’s emergency dentist Port Coogee, Perth

Lost or loose tooth 

Losing a tooth is tough regardless of location, but it’s important to understand the urgency of seeking emergency dental care should this happen to you. Where possible locate the tooth, rinse it with cool water and place it back in the empty socket, before bringing it straight to a dental professional. It’s not always possible to replace the tooth, but the sooner you seek emergency care the higher the chances. 

Cracked or broken teeth 

Partaking in fun activities and extreme sports are common pastimes of travelling, but can result in damaged teeth when accidents occur. Wear a mouthguard whenever possible!Should you break or crack a tooth, rinse your mouth and hold a cold compress to reduce inflammation before immediately visiting a dentist. 

Mouth or tooth pain

While it’s common for some people to experience dental pain when travelling to plane air pressure changes, it’s good to be aware of increasing levels of discomfort. Severe toothaches can be a signifier of a more serious issue, so if pain doesn’t lift post-landing, consult an emergency dentist. 

Reliable emergency dentist Cockburn

Experiencing a dental emergency while travelling is never fun, but being prepared and knowing where to find a professional emergency dentist in Port Coogee and Ocean Keys can reduce the stress in a difficult situation. 
Travel smart and make a health care plan should you need assistance with your dental health. Don’t hesitate to contact Allied Dental today for any queries, concerns, or dental emergencies. With same-day appointment and after hour emergency care, we’re available to help, and happy to take care of you while you’re in Perth.