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IV Sedation : How it works and who can get it

There are many reasons people avoid a dentist visit, from busy schedules to dental anxiety. When dental phobias lead you to missing regular check-ups or delaying vital treatments, it might be time to consider IV sedation dentistry in Cockburn.

The use of sedation to help with dental anxiety is growing in popularity, helping patients attend regular cleans and check-ups, as well as undergoing intensive or lengthy procedures.

Learn more about the options for IV sedation in dentistry, and how Allied Dental can help

What is sedation dentistry?

Any form of medication used to sedate, or relax, patients during a dental procedure is known as sedation dentistry. The majority of instances involve people remaining awake but feeling very relaxed during their appointments, often remembering nothing of the successful dental procedure. 

Forms of IV sedation dentistry in Port Coogee

The format and amount of sedation supplied during a dental procedure depends on the discomfort level of the patient, and how relaxed they need to be:

Minimal sedation (inhaled) is a common form of sedation dentistry where you remain awake but feel very relaxed. Typically nitrous oxide is inhaled, lasting only for a short time with many patients capable of driving themselves home afterwards. 

Moderate sedation (oral) is also known as conscious sedation, as while patients may have little memory of the procedure and can slur their words, they can remain awake throughout the appointment. This oral sedative, taken as a pill, leaves patients able to be easily awakened should they nod off. 

Deep sedation or general anaesthetic is a form of sedation dentistry where the patient remains unconscious for the duration of the procedure, and cannot always be awoken right afterwards. 

Intravenous sedation is fast-acting IV sedation dentistry in Port Coogee, where deep sedation is administered through a vein and adjusted by a professional throughout the procedure if needed. With no awareness or memory of the procedure, patients can undergo intensive procedures with ease. 

Benefits of IV sedation

The use of IV sedation during dental procedures has multiple benefits for the right patients. It  leaves them capable of breathing on their own, with an anesthesiologist on hand to adjust sedation levels to manage discomfort before it’s felt by the patient. 

  • Local anaesthetic (pain relief) can be administered in precise doses, leading to high levels of safety and a customised experience
  • A fast reversal means an efficient recovery time
  • Lower likelihood of a pulmonary embolism due to blood clots
  • Reduced chance of nausea, vomiting, or urinary retention post-procedure

Are you a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Those patients struggling with visiting their experienced dentist due to intense anxiety can benefit greatly from IV sedation. As certain people are not candidates for sedation due to health complications or age, the best way to clarify suitability is speaking with a trusted dental practitioner.

From undergoing extensive tooth extractions or complex procedures, to managing gag reflex or severe dental phobias, there are many transformative instances where IV sedation is a highly effective solution. 

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