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Knocked out tooth? Here’s what you need to do

Having a tooth knocked out due to an accident or sporting injury can be a stressful event. However, if the right action is taken your precious tooth doesn’t have to be lost forever. Receiving effective, quality emergency dental care can save a knocked out tooth, as well as relieve any oral pain and restore you back to normal. 

Seek advice and care from the professional dental experts at Allied Dental, a reliable emergency dentist in Cockburn and Port Coogee. Time is off the essence, so read on to learn the steps to take immediately after knocking out a tooth.

Handling the tooth

Directly after a tooth is knocked out, carefully pick it up by the crown – not the roots. The crown is the top area naturally visible above the gums. If dirty, rinse the tooth gently in saline solution or milk only, NOT water or soap, and don’t scrub or let it dry fully.

The next step is key; as soon as possible, place the knocked out tooth back in its original socket, facing it in the right direction with root side down. Keep it in place by biting down gently on soft material. If this is not possible, place the tooth in milk or saline solution before visiting an emergency dental clinic

Be aware that any baby teeth knocked out should NOT be placed back in their socket as it risks damaging developing adult teeth underneath. Simply head straight to your emergency dentist Port Coogee to get professional care.

Emergency dentist visit

The best chance of saving your knocked out tooth is with an emergency dentist visit. Quality dental practitioners understand urgent oral care is sometimes required, and will ensure same-day appointments for painful swelling, broken teeth or crowns, as well as a knocked out tooth. 

As experienced emergency dentists in Port Coogee, the friendly team at Allied Dental do their utmost to fit emergency visits in between existing appointments. 

Pain relief

Having a tooth knocked out can be painful. If you’re experiencing discomfort, take pain medication such as paracetamol before visiting your emergency dentist in Port Coogee or Cockburn. Applying an ice pack can also reduce swelling and discomfort; hold it on the area for 20 minutes on and off for best results.

Chipped or cracked tooth

If you’ve had an accident resulting in a cracked or chipped tooth, the process is similar to a knocked out tooth. Keep the broken tooth in milk or saline solution (without scrubbing it), and gently rinse your mouth with water if needed, being careful not to exacerbate open wounds.

Book an appointment with your emergency dentist Cockburn immediately, as it may be possible to cement the tooth back together. If not, the experienced dental practitioners at Allied Dental will advise the best course of action, such as a crown, filling, or root canal treatment. 

Superior care with Allied Dental

With highly experienced staff on call for dental emergencies, even after-hours, the friendly team at Allied Dental are always prepared to help with urgent care needs such as a knocked out tooth. Open 6 days a week, our practices in Cockburn, Port Coogee, and Ocean Keys make us well placed to assist with emergency dental care across Perth. For more information, or to book an appointment, simply get in touch today.