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Dr Anubhav Verma

Anubhav, our dental maestro, waltzed through the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor’s in Dental Science. Armed with a toothbrush and charm, he’s on a mission for quality dental care with a gentle twist.

Picture this: a dental experience so delightful you’ll forget you’re at the dentist. Anubhav gets it – dental visits can be a tad scary. But fear not! He’s here to make you feel cozy and clued-in throughout the entire process.

Anubhav’s passion? Anterior aesthetic dentistry. Fancy term, right? It’s all about making your pearly whites look fabulous. He’s not just a dentist; he’s a wizard creating smiles that could light up a room.

Beyond the dental realm, catch Anubhav whipping up magic in the kitchen or chasing trails with his camera and trusty sidekick – his dog (Atti). Need a chat about your dental options? Anubhav’s your guy. Let’s make your next dental visit a tooth-rrific adventure!