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Sports-Related Dental Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Athletes often display scars as symbols of pride. Still, while injuries are an inevitable part of the game, dental injuries can not only be painful but risk jeopardising your sports career. 

Luckily, modern dentistry has made incredible progress in preventing and treating dental injuries for athletes, through a broad range of efficient solutions at emergency dental clinics across Perth.

Your Greatest Risk: Contact Sports 

Dental injuries can occur in both contact and non-contact sports, but the risk significantly increases with contact sports like basketball, boxing, rugby, etc. This makes it vital to prioritise using protective equipment like mouthguards, to reduce the risk of dental injuries. 

The importance of these safety measures is often underestimated and only acknowledged after an injury that requires a trip to an emergency dentist in Innaloo.

Sports Injury Prevention 

Essential Safety Gear Protective gear plays a crucial role in preventing dental injuries related to sports. However, it is not just about having the gear; it is also important to ensure that it fits correctly and is worn properly. 


Helmets are vital for reducing the risk of dental and skull injuries, and the key is to choose a helmet that fits perfectly and securely:

  1. Measure the size of your head starting one inch above the eyebrow.
  2. Make sure the helmet sits one or two inches above the eyebrow, covering the back of the skull. 
  3. Check that the cheek pads fit snugly, without being too tight, and the ear holes align with your ears.


Mouthguards are essential for preventing tooth dislocations, fractures, and soft tissue cuts. They also absorb energy from blows to the chich; reducing the risk of tooth concussions that would call for an urgent visit to an emergency dentist in Southern River.

While custom-made mouthguards are recommended, there are three types of mouthguards to choose from:

  • Stock mouthguards: Pre-formed and ready to wear, but may not offer the best fit.
  • Boil and bite mouthguards: Pre-formed but can be customised by softening in hot water.
  • Custom-made mouthguards: Tailored to your teeth by a dentist for the best fit and protection.

Common Dental Injuries in Sports

1. Tooth knocked out (avulsed tooth) 

Losing a tooth during a game can be stressful, but it can be rectified if immediate action is taken. It’s important not to touch the root of the tooth, rather store it in milk or saliva and seek help from an emergency dentist in Southern River within 30 minutes to increase the chances of successful re-implantation. 

2. Cracked tooth 

Cracks can occur from serious jaw impacts, but the severity of cracks may vary and they might not always be visible. During any visits to your emergency dentist in Southern River, cracked teeth are typically detected and may require different treatments depending on the damage. 

3. Displaced tooth 

Teeth can become displaced inside or outside their sockets, and urgent treatment from an emergency dentist in Innaloo is crucial. Internal displacement might involve splinting or surgery, while external displacement requires careful repositioning followed by splinting.

Preventing Injury

Preventing sports-related dental injuries revolves around using protective gear, especially mouthguards, helmets, and face cages. High-speed sports, in particular, need these safeguards to protect your smile.

Custom-Made Sports Mouthguards at First Impressions Dental

At Allied Dental, we offer custom mouthguards that provide the highest level of protection and comfort. Each mouthguard is crafted with precision, ensuring an impeccable fit and optimal protection to reduce/prevent dental damage. 

Know a reliable emergency dentist in Innaloo

To safeguard your smile while you play the game you love, it’s important to know experienced emergency dentists in Innaloo should an accidental dental injury occur. 

Contact Allied Dental’s emergency dental clinics across Perth today to schedule a consultation and get the perfect custom mouthguard to protect your smile.