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Knocked out tooth? Here’s what you need to do

From tiny children to fully grown adults, millions of teeth are knocked out each year. Whether you have a slip and fall incident, or lost a tooth playing sport, there’s no need to panic about your beautiful smile just yet.

Once the right steps are taken immediately following the incident, your precious tooth can be saved. Read on to discover key measures to follow directly following a knocked out tooth, and why you should have an experienced emergency dentist Port Coogee on call at all times!

You’ve lost a tooth – what now?

Having a tooth knocked out by accident or injury can be stressful, but as long as you act quickly, adhere to the following steps, and visit your trusted emergency dentist Ocean Keys, there’s a good chance your precious tooth can be saved. 

1. Don’t touch the root

Locate the lost tooth straight away and be very careful to pick it up by the crown, not the root. Only touching the crown (chewing area) prevents damage to the all-important root system.

2. Rinse off dirt

Should the tooth have collected any dirt or dust particle, gently rinse it under clean water, carefully avoiding any soap, chemicals, or unclean surfaces. Do not scrub it in any way, and be sure to not wrap it in tissue, cloth, or other materials. 

3. Replace in the socket

The best way to save a tooth is placing it carefully back in its original position. Act immediately, turning the tooth the correct way forward and gently pressing it into place with clean fingers. Once in the right place, slowly close your mouth and clamp down on the tooth to keep it in position. 

4. Keep the area moist

Until you reach an experienced dentist, it’s important to keep the tooth moist the whole time. Use filtered water (not tap), and if you cannot place the tooth back in the socket, leave it inside your cheek or in milk for guaranteed moisture. 

5. Visit a dentist immediately

Try your best to attend your reliable emergency dentist Port Coogee within 30 minutes, as this greatly increases the chance of saving your tooth.

The time sensitive nature of a dental injury such as this makes it imperative to know of an emergency dentist ahead of time, as such preparation can be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth. 

What is an emergency dental clinic?

A dental emergency is an issue or injury that needs urgent treatment, such as pain, bleeding, discomfort, or a damaged tooth. An emergency dental clinic is where fast-acting dental professionals are available to immediately aid with urgent oral needs.

Having an experienced, trusted emergency dentist Ocean Keys is an important asset for you and your family, reducing the likelihood of long-term oral health effects should an unfortunate accident or dental health problem occur. 

The best emergency dentist Port Coogee

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