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What’s The Difference Between Cosmetic And General Dentistry?

For most people, a visit to the dentist is a straightforward check up. You pop in the chair, some tiny tools are moved around in your mouth, and you leave with magically cleaner teeth. Easy! But there is a lot more to dentistry than you might have encountered.

For anyone who has a serious dental procedure coming up, or is considering some cosmetic dentistry, you may be wondering what exactly the difference is, and if it is even carried out by the same clinic. Read on to learn about the differences, and similarities between the two and how cosmetic and general dentistry at our Ocean Keys clinic fit together.

What general dentistry covers

Let’s start at the beginning. Dentistry as a practice covers not only your teeth, but all-encompassing oral hygiene and care. Each of our highly trained dentists carrying out general dentistry in Ocean Keys specialises in identifying, diagnosing, and treating all forms of diseases and issues that can affect your oral cavity.

General dentistry is focused solely on helping and preventing tooth and gum diseases for practical reasons, and does not consider the look of your teeth as a key factor in this. This might include finding the source of oral discomfort, preventing tooth decay by removing teeth, or carrying out a root canal procedure.

The ins and outs of cosmetic dentistry

The key to cosmetic dentistry is right there in the name; any procedure that focuses on the cosmetic look of your teeth or mouth falls under this arena. Many people choose to willingly have cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix a visually obvious issue, or improve their smile in some way.

A trusted dentist will only carry out cosmetic procedures if they do not harm your teeth, only improve your health and look to boost your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry at our Ocean Keys clinic includes veneers, teeth whitening, restorative crowns, and straightening teeth.

When cosmetic and general dentistry overlap

While there are differing approaches and desired outcomes between cosmetic and general dentistry, there are some procedures that encompass both areas. For example, should a tooth extraction (general dentistry) be required due to a disease or tooth decay, the missing tooth would likely be replaced by a veneer (cosmetic dentistry).

Dentists require a high level of education and accreditation before they can begin to practice all variations of dentistry. Each highly skilled dental specialist at our clinics are qualified to carry out any form of dental procedure, whether than have chosen to specialise in cosmetic dentistry here in Ocean Keys, or general care.

Quality care with Allied Dental

Whether you are looking for a curated treatment to improve your smile, or have a discomfort you are concerned about that needs treatment, the skilled team here at Allied Dental is here to help. From dental check ups to emergency treatment, you’re in experienced hands!

We pride ourselves on having a friendly, calm manner while helping you learn about preventative dentistry, and how it can assist you avoiding either general OR cosmetic dentistry in the near future. For more information on our wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry in Ocean Keys at our welcoming dental clinic please get in touch today.