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Why a Dentist Recommends Regular Dental Cleanings

Avoiding dental check ups is not uncommon, whether from fear of pain or anxiety. However, just like taxes, avoiding regular dental cleanings only serves to make the issue worse over time – often ending in painful results like cavities or tooth loss (or serious tax debt!).

The absolute best way to prevent an oral health issue is to schedule regular visits to an experienced practitioner in general dentistry at Ocean Keys. A friendly, judgment free checkup every 6 months helps avoid serious dental problems.

Skipping an appointment may not seem serious, but read on to discover why regular dental cleanings are essential to good oral health.

The value of regular dental check ups

A routine dental checkup gives your experienced dentist a chance to closely examine each part of your mouth, determining whether any decay or hidden diseases are slowly but surely damaging your precious teeth.

Whether the appointment simply results in thorough dental cleaning in Ocean Keys, or leads to further dentistry work to rectify an oral health issue, you can rest assured a dental professional is on your team, working hard to provide you with the healthiest body possible. 

Consistent care prevents tooth decay

The inherent worth of regular dental check ups comes from thorough dental cleaning, and prevention of health issues like tooth decay. Cleaning removes the layers of plaque buildup on teeth that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, as well as cavities, leaving you with a bright, clean smile you’re proud to show off.

Prevents bigger problems

It may not always be obvious to you when an oral health issue has begun to spread, but consistent dental cleaning allows your expert in general dentistry in Ocean Keys to check for signs of root damage or gum disease, and arrange an appointment to carry out essential repairs.

A brighter, healthier smile

Regular dental cleaning is the only way to prevent deep staining and tough plaque build-up that becomes hard to remove. Consistent cleaning means a brighter smile with less stains, better overall health, and less money spent on rectifying serious dental issues later in life. 

Tooth loss and cavity prevention

Having a tooth extraction, root canal, or cavity filled is not a fun experience. Rather than avoid dental checkups over anxiety of these procedures, regular cleans can serve to prevent such problems from ever occurring – and teeth cleaning is much more enjoyable that losing a tooth!

Peace of mind with routine dental cleanings

There is a clear link between those suffering from extensive tooth loss, and how regularly those people have had dental check ups over the years. Avoiding routine dental cleanings only serves to trip you up in the long run, and whether a thorough check up reveals a healthy mouth or tooth decay, you can rest easy knowing professional dentists are on the job. 

Dedicated general dentistry in Ocean Keys 

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