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The Advantages of Same Day Crowns

You may be considering getting a dental crown for a number of reasons, such as restoring appearance from a chip or crack, or improving the overall function after a dental implant procedure. Your dentist in Ocean Keys may also recommend dental crowns if a tooth needs to be strengthened due to tooth decay, or if serious damage has occured.

So, what is a same day crown? It’s very similar to a traditional crown, but thanks to modern dental technology an impression can be taken of your teeth with a custom crown created and fitted within the same day. 

Can I get a same day crown? 

Once you have decided to get a crown fitted, your next step will be discussing the different options available for dental crowns with your dentist in Ocean Keys. This may include materials involved, and whether they offer the option of CEREC same day crowns.

Certain dental practices have a production space on site to create your unique crown from top quality ceramic or porcelain material, closely matched to your existing tooth shade. By creating an impression using the CEREC computer aided design technology, it skips the step of taking a putty mold impression and sending the crown to be manufactured elsewhere. This would require a second visit for fitting and binding.

Save yourself some time

One of the many excuses people give for putting off a dentist visit is a lack of time. By removing the need for a return visit, you  guarantee a full crown treatment in one day. Anyone with a busy schedule will appreciate the ease of this productive process.

A CEREC same day crown requires less preparation of the tooth beforehand, as it doesn’t need to be shaped down as much as with a traditional crown. So while your visit may be longer overall, it is time spent efficiently with the fitting, bonding, and final touches completed before you leave the dental practice.

High quality dental crowns 

While traditional crowns have served it’s recipients very well in the past, the CEREC technology means you can get the same quality of treatment with half the time spent in the dentist chair. Each dental crown we fit is made to measure exactly, and created from top quality materials built to last.

You may not even be able to tell the difference in material, look, and finish between a traditional crown and the same day crowns we fit at our Ocean Keys dental clinic. The choice between the two is completely up to you, and your personal time and money considerations will be the main deciding factor.

Same day crowns in Ocean Keys

With a team of highly experienced dental practitioners, the team at Allied Dental are best placed to provide top quality dental crowns in Ocean Keys. Our experienced dentists can advise on whether a CEREC same day crown is an option for you, as well any risks and costs involved for your particular situation.
For more information on same day crowns in Ocean Keys contact us for a consultation, or ask us about our wide range of cosmetic dentistry options and how we can help with your quality long-term dental care.