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Tips for Maintaining Oral Health with Dentures

While it might feel tempting to set aside your daily oral care routine now you have dentures, this is not the case. Ensuring your full or partial dentures last for a long time while retaining their original attractive visage takes consistent dental care and good overall oral health. 

Learn how to take great care of both your original teeth and dentures in Port Coogee with the following helpful guide. 

Valuable oral health tips for denture wearers

It’s important for your oral health to heed vital advice as recommended by dental practitioners experienced in quality denture care, helping achieve long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing dentures in Cockburn.

Protect them overnight

Keeping your dentures in the right solution at night is a vital step to ensuring their long lifespan. Wearing dentures overnight creates a breeding ground for bacteria, thanks to the excess saliva that occurs. Prevent gum disease as well as the painful rubbing that can occur with new dentures in Port Ocean Keys by leaving them out overnight. 

Brush them daily 

Whether you have full or partial dentures, it’s just as important to brush your replacement teeth as it is your natural ones. Daily brushing prevents plaque and bacteria from building up, which can not only cause staining to your dentures but harm your oral health through infection or disease. Prolong the lifespan of your full or partial dentures and use a soft brush to gently clean them thoroughly each day. 

Rinse well after each meal

Every time you eat a meal, chewing causes food particles to become stuck in your mouth. This leaves behind bacteria that can stain and deteriorate your dentures in Port Coogee, making it important to give them a good rinse after eating, while avoiding hot water. Possible side effects from trapped food for denture wearers are painful sores and irritated gums, 

Take care of your overall oral health

Those with partial dentures need to take extra care to protect their existing natural teeth and gums. As well as taking precautions to remove trapped food particles from your dentures and around your gums, regular massaging of your mouth and gums can be a helpful method to relieve irritation by stimulating blood flow. 

Book regular checkups for your dentures in Cockburn

One of the top ways you can safely care for your dentures is to book regular dental appointments to check on your dentures in Port Ocean Keys, Port Coogee, or Cockburn

Allied Dental recommends visiting our experienced dental practitioners every couple of months with new dentures, to prevent irritation and a good fit. Once your mouth becomes accustomed to your quality dentures, this extends to twice-yearly visits.

Quality care for dentures in Port Coogee with Allied Dental 

Whether you’re new to dentures or require dedicated care for ongoing issues, Allied Dental are experienced leading providers of both full and partial dentures in Port Ocean Keys, Port Coogee, and Cockburn

A friendly team and far-reaching experience assisting our valued patients with their dentures make Allied Dental the reliable choice for quality dental care. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any queries or concerns about denture care, or to discuss other options for replacing missing teeth like dental implants and bridges. 
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