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What is the best material for dentures?

Deciding to get a replacement for missing teeth is an important step. Selecting the best restorative fit is even more important! From functionality to comfort, there are many considerations to make when getting new dentures.

To get the right format of dentures in Port Coogee, it’s important to consult with the expert dentists at Allied Dental. A thorough consultation and evaluation will clarify the best material for your needs, prioritising your oral health and personal requirements.

Learn all about acrylic and porcelain dentures in Port Ocean Keys, and how the right material can do wonders for your health, and quality of life.

Porcelain vs acrylic dentures in Cockburn

There are many reasons why dentures in Port Coogee have retained their immense popularity over time. While the technology that creates dentures may be the same, modern techniques ensure contemporary dentures in Port Ocean Keys are comfortable, functional, and natural looking. 

The most common material used to make these long-lasting artificial teeth are porcelain and acrylic dentures, with several key differences between them:


Those looking for extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting designs are likely to prefer tough porcelain dentures. Known as an extremely hard material, porcelain is capable of withstanding the constant wear and tear suffered by dentures daily. Acrylic wears down more quickly in the long term but is less likely to break or crack than porcelain in the short term. 


One of the upsides to porcelain is that the firm surface provides no space for bacteria to settle and grow, making great oral health easier to maintain. While acrylic designs can hide harmful bacteria in their minuscule indentations, they are less likely to break during cleaning than porcelain dentures in Cockburn.


The majority of denture bases are made of acrylic resin, and this makes it easier to chemically bond acrylic teeth at the base for a durable fit. Porcelain teeth, however, cannot be bonded chemically to an acrylic base, creating potential issues for the stability of each tooth.

Bone loss

One reason to choose acrylic dentures over porcelain is if you suffer from bone loss. Teeth made from porcelain are known to place increased pressure on the jaw bone and gums, making acrylic alternatives the recommended material to protect against further deterioration and bone loss. 


Innovative advancements in denture design have made it so you can choose the best material for your oral health without stressing over the price. With no significant cost difference, you can speak to the denture experts at Allied Dental about key considerations to make when choosing between acrylic and porcelain teeth.

Quality dentures in Port Coogee with Allied Dental

Start your exciting denture journey today with Allied Dental. Professional dental practitioners provide tailored advice and care throughout the process, from consultations and tooth impressions to regular examinations and repairs. 

With multiple types (full, partial, implant-supported), materials, and prices to choose from, there are suitable dentures in Cockburn to suit your exact needs.
Contact Allied Dental today to book a consultation for dentures in Port Ocean Keys and Port Coogee, and get your smile back in no time!