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What is the procedure for getting dentures

Life gets better with dentures. Whether you’re struggling with chewing issues or low confidence from multiple missing teeth, quality dentures can transform your well-being. But what exactly is involved in getting dentures?

Whether or not you suffer from dental anxiety, having a proper understanding of an upcoming dental procedure is incredibly helpful – both to alleviate concerns and ensure successful long-term results. 

Read on to learn all about getting acrylic or porcelain dentures in Port Coogee, from thorough consultations to helpful follow-up appointments with Allied Dental

All about the procedure for dentures in Cockburn

While experienced dental clinics will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and prepared for getting dentures in Port Ocean Keys or Port Coogee, feeling informed is an important part of the process. While treatment schedules vary for individual cases, you can typically expect about four to five appointments over three to six weeks. 

Initial consultation

This short but vital appointment allows your expert dental practitioner to carry out a thorough oral examination to determine the best form of dentures for your needs (and budget) as well as a treatment plan. Initial moulds are taken of your mouth for a custom impression tray to create your new dentures in Port Coogee.

Second impressions

On your next visit to the friendly team at Allied Dental, an efficient 30 to 40 minute appointment makes time for your second set of impressions to be made using your custom tray that exactly fits your mouth. 

The space and connection between your upper and lower jaws are determined via a wax bite. Afterwards, materials, colours, and quality of dentures in Cockburn are discussed and chosen such as porcelain or acrylic dentures, with expert guidance from dental professionals ensuring stunning, natural-looking results. 

Third appointment – trying your dentures in Port Ocean Keys

Once your temporary wax dentures in Port Coogee or Port Ocean Keys are completed a third appointment is made to ‘try in’ your custom fit. This allows the size, fit, colour, and visual appearance to be altered and approved before the final acrylic or porcelain dentures are custom-created to meet your specific requirements. 

Collecting your new dentures!

Trying out your brand new dentures is an exciting time, and after picking up your custom-made dentures you can experience improved eating, chewing, speaking, and smiling widely! However, there will be an adjustment period while your mouth, facial muscles, and tongue adapt to this new normal.

Rest assured the helpful team at Allied Dental are on hand to carry out adjustments or help with sore spots that may appear with initial use. 

Follow-up appointments

Your long-term comfort and well-being are of top priority, and follow-up appointments are available to help with any minor or major issues you may have with your new porcelain or acrylic dentures. 

Get superior dentures in Cockburn from Allied Dental

Getting new dentures shouldn’t be an intimidating process. Experts at Allied Dental are dedicated to helping each valued patient find the ideal dentures in Port Ocean Keys and Port Coogee to suit their aesthetic, oral, and budgetary needs. 
Contact Allied Dental today to book your initial examination and consultation, and get your transformative denture journey started now!